Conducting the London Metropolitan Orchestra.

About Brollyman

Brolly's Passion is composing for story driven media. This includes Animation, Natural History, Documentaries and Childrens Television.

Clients include:

BBC NHU, BBC Worldwide, Barcroft films, Betty TV, Blue Zoo, Cloth Cat Animation, Cosgrove Hall, Disney, Karrot Animation, Off the Fence, Oxford scientific Films, Passion Planet, Princess TV, Tigress films, Turnip and Duck.

Brollyman works in electronica using synths, sampling and sound design. He's equally comfortable composing for full orchestra or sample based orchestra with live players.

Brolly won an Emmy for PBS's Animal Misfits. Originally a BBC NHU show titled Bill Baileys Animal Misfits.

Brollyman working in his studio.


"Story is King, once understood, a musical tone can be established, leading to instrumentation and composition."

Brollyman works in electronica using synths, sampling and sound design. He's equally comfortable composing for full orchestra or sample based orchestra with a handful of players.

Contemporary Stories

Contemporary Stories

This music tells the story behind four images. Each is 90 seconds length and composed mostly in Electronica with the exception of track one which features live musicians.

Natural History

Natural History

A selection of two minute vignettes describing scenes from Nature.


Animation and Childrens Projects

A selection of clips from recent projects.

Life In The Snow

Life In The Snow

A short reel showing the challenges of Living in colder climes.

Lynx And Birds

Lynx And Birds

A beautiful short made by Blue Zoo Animation. Score recorded at the Air Studios with the London Metropolitan Orchestra.

Natural History - Wildest Africa

Wildest Africa

Tracks for a show about small mammals in Africa.

Brollyman in his studio.

Turnip and Duck

Aiden O'Donovan and Colm Tobin

"Brolly's music on Critters TV brought the show to a whole new level. His enthusiasm for the project, deep understanding of storytelling, and endless generosity of ideas made the whole collaboration a joy from start to finish."

Blue Zoo Animation

Tom Box, Company Director

"Amazing!! Makes my ears tingle with happiness, sounds absolutely beautiful"

MeerKat Manor

Caroline Hawkins OSF

"As mad as a box of frogs but one of the most brilliant, creative people you're ever likely to meet. Meerkat Manor becoming a global hit was due in large measure to Brolly's matchless soundtrack..."

Nature's Misfits

Gavin Boyland & Bill Bailey

"...was everything we'd hoped it would be...the richness and live sound of the final pieces was amazing."

Bill Bailey— "Absolutely loving the music - hats off! Lovely work"

BBC Worldwide

Nicholas Baxter

"I have no hesitation in recommending Brolly to all producers, directors and serious film makers out there. He delivers rich, textured score (on time!), and goes the extra mile to ensure the film is enhanced with what is required."

Simone Giampaulo

Director of 'Lynx and Birds'

"Brolly mastered music you sent last night is fantastic!. We love it Brolly, absolutely stunning! Thanks so much!"

I'm Hungry Productions

Martin Athanasiou

"Firstly let me say that the music is Super AWESOME!!! The music you've created is so catchy and so much fun. It really embodies what Aniball island is about."