Hardy Wellgross

This is a country and western song as the title music for a pitch about a blue donkey who just wants to be accepted and finally discovers a town where he can be.

Brolly Orchestral

This was a commission from ther BBC to create a suite of short superheo themes for a huge sport event the never eventually happened. A fantastic experience and i'm very keen to do more.

My First

a series of twenty eleven minute programmes for Cbeebies following childrens first experience of moving house, or having a haircut or going on holiday. Lovely lovely show.

Doggy Bedtime

So, this is what happens at bedtime when you have to get all your dogs to bed. Taken from 'Dogs' Might Fly' produced by Oxford Scientific Films for Sky one.


I wanted to showcase my songwriting in a filmic musical setting. So, when some students approached me to compose a score for a musical about the first caveman chef i was hooked. 6mins.

Dogs Might Fly Titles

Title music for 'Dogs' Might Fly' produced by Oxford Scientific Films for Sky one.