It's all about the story....

The chance to follow a narrative over a timeline is what we love to do.

Working closely with directors and producers in the pre-production stage we sketch furiously to come up with an original soundscape that can only exist in the storys world. 

It could be an orchestral score with strong themes, or purely electronic music with manic beats and filtered synths but once we have settled on the style we try our utmost to stick with that through the duration of the project.

We call this audio branding.

We believe that if a viewer is channel-hopping they should be able to identify a programme solely by the music created for it.

The music is composed in 'The Crows Nest'. Once the music is signed off it's then mixed in our second studio 'Parasol City'. The mixed music is then sent off to Hafod Mastering for final sweetening. Think of this as our 'Offline', 'Online' & 'Grading' of the music.